Aalborg & Denmark – tips

Aalborg & Denmark – tips

To do and discover


The tourist office in Aalborg keeps an updated page :

Facebook has some great pages about events and things happening in Aalborg:

Student life



An insight of Denmark for tourists can be found on : www.visitdenmark.com

North Jutland

A focus on the surroundings of Aalborg here , or on www.visitnordjylland.com. Skagen and the sandy northern part of Jutland are definitely worth a visit.


If you want to discover more about the Vikings, you may like to give a look at www.vikingdenmark.com

Travelling through Denmark

  • Public transportation : www.rejseplanen.dk provides an efficient interface to planning your trip around Denmark, considering most of the transportation means available.
  • Car-pooling : www.gomore.dk
  • Interior flights : www.sas.dk and www.norwegian.com (both offer interesting discounts for travellers below 26)

When using public transportation, it is highly recommended to get a Rejsekort that can be used conveniently all around the country.


  • Danhostel provides cheap shared accommodation in youth hostels around the country
  • Airbnb tends to also work pretty well in Denmark